Slopestyle, i.e. park riding, will be included in the Olympic program for the first time in 2014. The competition in the new Kiviõli resort will be held at a completely new level and on a larger scale than ever before in Estonia – within the framework of the famous World Snowboard Tour. This tour unites the best snowboard competitions in the world into one series of events, where the riders are ranked in the world’s points list based on their results. If you rank first after the last slopestyle competition, you are worth the World Snowboard Tour Champion title.

Estonian Slopestyle Open 2014 is an international snowboard slopestyle contest. This is the most important and biggest snowboarding event in Estonia this season, also marking the festive opening of the long-waited Kiviõli ski resort. In addition to an adrenaline-fueled world class sports show, the event offers spectators exciting entertainment for the entire weekend. There are a number of LIVE bands and DJ-s included in the list of performers and engaging things to see and do, both on the slopes and in the resort.

The competitions within the tour have different levels, i.e. stars, similar to hotels. The stars range from 1 to 6. The Kiviõli competition has 3 stars, which means that the prize fund has to be at least USD 5000. The stars indicate the importance of the competition within the framework of the tour. There is one simple rule – the more stars the competition has, the more skilful the riders are and the more points and prize money they receive for the victory.


Registration UNTIL 21.1, there is no registraton on site.
All riders in MEN division, who can do tricks during in the Pro line park jumps, may participate in the Kiviõli competition. In order to register you do not need a license from any professional or international association. After the competition, all riders will gain points in the world’s TTR  tour points list pursuant to their result.

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